Do not celebrate regression

Last week I wrote on Facebook that the slogan ‘boma siliphethira’, literally translated as government does not blink, is one of the most shameful lines that I have ever heard since Malawi became a democracy. I was shocked the first time I heard it and every time I see or hear it I feel very... Continue Reading →


Time to put down the fires

If this were in the animal kingdom, we would perhaps be talking of a heat period – no need for elaborating. Malawi seems to be going through a heat period of some sort. As I am writing this, news from the University of Malawi suggests that Clerical, Technical and Secretarial (CTS) staff of the institution... Continue Reading →

Kamuzu’s varied portraits

On Sunday I celebrated my birthday and was overwhelmed by the outpouring of goodwill from many people who know me. I also had a few surprises here and there. One of the things that make my birthday special is that it is always a public holiday, nay it was never a holiday during the rule... Continue Reading →

The circus must end

I was in my second year at Chancellor College when the institution was closed in March, 1992 following student protests that were precipitated by the fallout from the release of the famous Pastoral Letter by the country’s Catholic bishops. It was another six months before we set foot on campus again. I, therefore, have an... Continue Reading →

That was a waste of time

I am not sure as yet whose idea it was that Malawi should hold a national conference on corruption, but I would be surprised if, in retrospect, the brains behind this initiative were patting themselves on the back. That is assuming the aim was to take some meaningful steps towards fighting the cancer that is... Continue Reading →

Remove the veil of prerogative

Malawians woke up to some surprising news last Wednesday. Mulanje West MP Patricia Kaliati, popularly known as Akweni, was relieved of her post as minister of Civic Education and Community Development and immediately replaced by Blantyre North legislator Cecilia Chazama. From a gender perspective it was a like for like change, but the two ladies... Continue Reading →

Who will get the flak?

I ended my entry last week with an appeal to the powers that be to desist from engaging in petty and unnecessary fights with the likes of Lucius Banda. Not that I expected anyone to listen to me, or any voice of reason for that matter. I know better than that. And the crusade on... Continue Reading →

You don’t believe that, do you?

  It is apparent that contrary to his claims some two years ago, President Peter Mutharika actually reads the country’s newspapers, or at least follows what they publish. This is why he does not miss any chance to respond to trending reportage whenever he has the opportunity to address the public. And his recent statements... Continue Reading →

Show me the hope you represent!

In just over two years’ time Malawians will be going to the polls. There are those whose vote is already decided. You know and they know who they will vote for. In other cases, you know and they know who they can never vote for. You find such people in the strongholds of the parties... Continue Reading →

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